Largest bi-annual Industrial Government Land Sales (IGLS) programme launched since 2020

This makes up four locations from the confirmed listing and 3 websites from the scheduled list, amounting to a site location of 6.36 ha, or 684,584 sq ft.

Underpinned by a strong making requirement which had actually reported the 7th successive quarter of expansion in the first quarter, the all-industrial rental index as well as property index expanded by 1% q-o-q and 2.1% q-o-q respectively, according to JTC statistics. It is the greatest expansion documented from 2013 as well as 2014 respectively.

The expected total flooring location for these seven sites can potentially reach 1.35 million sqft, up 37% from the IGLS plan in the very first half of the year, according to Tan Boon Leong, the executive supervisor of strategies and also industrial leasing at JLL.

Nonetheless, a much larger quantum of property parcels rest on the reserve list– 3.52 ha, or 378,890 sq ft, yielding a future gross ground place of 0.86 sq ft. This emulates underlying care coming from geopolitical pressures as well as firm uncertainties, according to Tan.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) on June 30 introduced its Industrial Government Land Sales (IGLS) program for the second part of the year.

Copen Grand showflat location

“The authorities had actually most likely taken into account Singapore’s modern commercial property market efficiency in the initial quarter while calibrating the current IGLS procedure,” says Tan.

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